Our philosophy

Philippe Timmerman Architectural Designs is as much an aesthetic attitude as it is about architecture and design. It is about defining and creating a personal lifeworld that bears the watermark of an individual style. Which is why in every design, every concept, every search for an object or work of art, we strive to recreate that original sense of harmony through everything we are accustomed to calling ‘beautiful’.

This relentless commitment to purity of design implies a similarly meticulous attention to detail. We believe that details are more than mere parts but reflections of the whole: the majesty and splendor of an entire palace is contained within a single door handle. A concept that permeates every corner and every layer of the design and finishing is not a superficial luxury but the natural outcome of a constancy to purpose and a consistency of perspective.

At Philippe Timmerman, everything begins with the notion of craftsmanship. We believe in craftsmanship simply because it stand the test of time. Knowledge and knowhow, of materials and techniques, from an unconditional but limitless source of inspiration for our designs; designs that encapsulate a personal vision of the here and now, but which also embody an orientation towards the future. For over time, beautiful objects gain in beauty; houses develop character; furniture a certain patina; and works of art can but strengthen their force of presence.

Philippe Timmerman’s international design office works with a team of specialised interior architects, interior decorators, designers and art historians resulting in a dynamic exchange of ideas and perspectives; synergies which form the basis of our unique vision on architectural atmosphere and design. With an extensive portfolio of creations in countries such as France, Great Britain, Monaco, Italy and the United States, Philippe Timmerman Architectural Designs continues to stamp its mark on interior architecture in ways that are as diverse as our discerning clientele.