What we do

we decorate

Whether it be a residential property, a public space, a private yacht or hotel, Philippe Timmerman fuses both personality and style in creating the perfect atmosphere.

we restore

Calling on the expertise of competent specialists, we recapture the heart and should of antique furniture and interiors. With respect for the integrity of our clients’ valuable objects, our restorations give expression to a new context of use and artistic appreciation.

we collect

Anything form inspiring artefact to unique furniture and original works of art. Each the embodiment of a unique history and an expression of both timeless beauty and a style chosen to match the character, taste and disposition of our clients.

we work with

Philippe Timmerman Architectural Designs works exclusively with specialised tradesmen, experienced restorers and reputable workshops. All allies to the cause of perfection, for whom only the very best will do.

we work for

The Belgian Royal Court, prominent members of the European aristocracy, leading international businesspeople, renowned art collectors and all those who appreciate the authenticity and elegance of refined beauty.